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    The content available to you includes over 40 hours of content that you can use to engage students in the classroom, online, and at home!

  • 24+ Lesson Plans

    Each lesson plan focuses on specific objectives that you can move through in the suggested order or pick and pull what works for you!

  • Regular Updates

    The curriculum platform will be updated regularly with new content, activities, lessons, add-ons plus more to keep you ideating and improving your teaching!

Mindset Essentials Content

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    1. Mindset & Milestones Full Curriculum

    2. Mindset Syllabus Activity Overview

    1. Module 1 Intro

    2. 1.1. What's an Entrepreneur? (Lesson Plan)

    3. 1.1. What's an Entrepreneur? (Slide Deck)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so that you can get started today!

  • Does this curriculum only work for entrepreneurship classes?

    Not at all! While the focus of our curriculum is entrepreneurship, we also fully encourage educators who are teaching classes in economics, leadership, personal finance, computer science, even social justice, and many more to use content from our curriculum to help students come up with ideas to solve problems using the core principles from the topic of their course.

  • What does the curriculum help students do?

    Our curriculum uses social-emotional learning (SEL) and project-based learning to help students see themselves as entrepreneurs who can identify problems they actually want to solve. The activities empower students to come up with ideas, create a plan to develop them, and test their ideas to create a launch read business.

  • How long is each of the lessons in the curriculum?

    Each lesson is about 1 to 2 hours; however, depending on how long the course is running it can be compressed or stretched to suit the depth of learning and time frame available. We've designed the curriculum to be flexible and suit many different learning layouts. Our curriculum can support everything from a 2 week intensive to a semester-long course and beyond.

  • Is there a way for the students to get access to the curriculum?

    Absolutely! The Start to Launch Course is a student-facing version of the curriculum that can be used for self-guided learning or as a companion to group sessions taught with the Mindset Essentials for Teachers!

  • What age range does the curriculum work for?

    Middle and high school students are the main user groups for our curriculum, but it is also great for older groups of beginners (community college students, adult education programs, etc) looking to start their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Can this curriculum work for online, in-person, or hybrid classes?

    Our curriculum is well-suited for all 3 modes of teaching. Between our self-guided and group-based options, pdfs that can be edited or printed, and the use of multiple media for teaching, students can be well served whether they’re in a classroom, on a screen, or both!

  • Can the curriculum be taught asynchronously?

    Yes! Our online course for students allows teachers and educators to assign learning modules to students and receive those assignments turned in via google drive or students can submit them to an existing LMS. In this way, students can learn completely asynchronously or students can complete asynchronous learning and teachers can also facilitate guided group sessions using the Mindset Essentials for Teachers curriculum for the best of both worlds!

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